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Garden villa

Central Bohemia Region / 2020

On a flat site, enclosed by a public path from two sides, stands a rectangular house.

A house enclosed to itself yet open to the greenery. A house with a lot of views out but not so many in. A house in a garden and a garden in a house. A house with a pool which is not inside yet not completely outside.

A house with a tree in the middle and everything else around it: the common area for cooking and talking, dining at a huge table with any number of guests and sitting by the fire with a garden view. The private part with a bedroom and bathroom as well as a lot of books and direct entrance to the pool and secluded study. The roofed terrace for summer barbecue and chill, which can be followed by another swimming intermezzo.

The wine bar and technologies are hidden underground and the guest room is situated directly on the flat roof. Going in and out again is easy and the garden provides a lot of space for both fun and growing herbs. There is a small workshop on its other side.

The whole building is covered with a light plaster of sprayed concrete, smooth on the ground floor and rough from the ceiling up, which continues in the interior. The ceiling is supported by steel columns, the roof is covered by wild vegetation, the windows and doors have wooden frames.

The interior is filled with light and offers views from one part to another – which can, however, be blocked by curtains when needed. The whole space is connected by a wooden floor and warm tones of timber, complemented by a minimalistic colour scheme.

On a flat site, enclosed by a public path from two sides, stands the Garden Villa.

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