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Smržovka, Jizerské hory / 2019                                                                         

At the beginning there was an effort to place the most necessary things a human or two needed for a comfortable overnight stay in the countryside on the smallest area. We wanted to provide not only a roof over your head, but also a stove, kitchen, shower, toilet and all so that the cottage can withstand equally well in residential buildings or in a desolate landscape. We then emphasized the interconnection of the inner space with the outer one. The concept of the cottage is based on the principle of construction, so that it is possible to build a house in 2-3 people. Plates made of solid spruce plywood are therefore used as the base material. Individual parts are mostly flat and their weight is around 80kg. The prefabricated panels are machined and prepared in the furniture standard so that the skilled layman can assemble the house by himself using common tools. During the design, it became increasingly clear that each of the cabins would be looking for a place to settle and look into the countryside rather than travel from place to place.

The cottage itself is divided into two halves by large fixed glazing. In the transparent is the living area with stove, bed and kitchen. In the second there is a utility room and toilet capsules including a shower and toilet. The glazing is frameless with stretched glass. For assembly purposes only, it is divided into three vertical segments.

The façade and terrace are made of larch wood treated with oil glazing. On a flat roof with minimal slope is laid aluminum corrugated sheet with fine wool. The overhangs on the sides and over the terrace ensure comfort both during construction and during use. The cottage has two entrances, the main and the second separate to the utility room. For ventilation, the northern wall is completed with a circular ventilation passage. Both internal and external surfaces are treated with oil glazing.

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