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Very generous 2+kk

Prague / 2022

The apartment in a Prague´s tenement building from the 1930s had an original 3+1 layout, with a kitchen in the hall and a bedroom accessible only through a walk-through bathroom. This setup was not satisfactory for the new owner, so major layout adjustments were made.

The main goal was for the entire space to breathe, be more connected, generous, airy and functional. The kitchen in the hall thus became a hall with a spacious upholstered wardrobe, and the separate rooms became one large living space. This includes a new kitchen and dining area, relaxation living-room area and work area with a library, separated from the rest by large sliding doors. The bedroom has remained in its original position, but it is separated from the study by restored four-leaf cassette doors, and the bathroom is accessed through an entrance discreetly hidden in a softly upholstered wardrobe.

The main spaces are partially connected in their common axis thanks to portals lined with cladding made of light-reflecting material in its entire color spectrum. The spatial axis of the apartment is thus lined with a constantly changing color mood.

The wild rainbow is softened by the surface of the walls and built-in furniture in light pastel tones, ash parquet and dark furniture pieces.

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