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House in Suchdol

Prague Suchdol / 2022

The clients purchased a beautiful plot on the outskirts of Prague in a place where the suburbs already have a village character and is lost in fields and forests.

The design of the house therefore respects the village character with its classic volume. The traditional rectangular floor plan with a gable roof and attached sheds is oriented perpendicular to the road in such a way that the largest possible area of ​​the garden is preserved. The volume of the house is unified by a white corrugated sheet and translucent polycarbonate and fitted with windows and doors in the places of the best views, contact with the garden and generous illumination of the interior...

The simple volume of the house is divided into several parts in the interior. The main one is an elevated, well-lit living space with direct contact with the garden and a view of the horizon. It is connected to a dining area with a large kitchen, a two-store library and a winter garden, which separates the technical facilities, the space for guests and around which you also walk to the second floor - the private part of the house with a study, bedroom, dressing room and bathroom.

All spaces are connected by axial views, simple materials and clean lines.

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