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Entry Engineering headquarters

Jablonec / 2020

.The goal of the reconstruction is to transform the existing building into a functional and contemporary headquarters of a development company operating in the automotive field. Seventy years later, the original villa building from the 1920s was significantly expanded and modified in such a way that the original structure can now hardly be identified. The proposed project cleans and simplifies the building with minimal interventions in the exterior, and at the same time emphasizes these two historical stages by using different materials for facades and windows. The labyrinth of interior spaces is simplified and made clearer as much as possible. The biggest intervention is the placement of a new staircase in the center of the layout so that three of the total five floors are directly connected. Common and meeting spaces naturally form around it, more private parts are located on the sides of the layout, meeting rooms and offices on the ground floor expanded into a coworking zone and reception. The selected elements and surfaces in the interior are differentiated according to the floors to reflect the nature of the individual contents – from the austere concrete floor below, through the parquet floors to the soft carpets on the upper floors. But they are always combined in such a way as to create a pleasant atmosphere in the space for work and rest. A unifying element is the "camouflage" texture motif used both on the central staircase and on textiles and furniture. The interior is freely complemented by pastel shades and warm tones of wood.

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