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Jatka 78

Prague / 2016

By its activity during the recent years, The Jatka78 theatre has shown its viability and confirmed that the whole area has a potential to host various functions, from commerce to culture.

Since the completion of the original concept of the project, there was a ‘test period’, when we had an opportunity to experience the genius loci of the building during theatre performances, as well as verify its operational capacities.

The concept of the renovation is based on preserving the original character of the building, working with the space by inserting functional volumes and creating new links between the two halls. This approach makes it possible to create a theatre with truly unique space parameters and atmosphere. The new zones are defined by visible steel and glass structures. The production offices, accommodation in the training hall, and the anchor structures necessary for the theatre and circus technics are clearly distinguishable as new elements. The new floor finishes are made of polished concrete, the timber ceilings are unified in colour and the original walls preserved. Windows in the main theatre hall are equipped with a system of steel blinds. The gallery space is lit by industrial skylights and a separate glazed entrance from a side alley. A considerable part of the refurbishment investment goes to the technology requirements needed for the new function of the building and its fire prevention and safety. The exterior of the building should look as similar to the original appearance as possible. 

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