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House by the Streams

Central Bohemia / 2016

Dark from the outside, light in the inside. The House by the streams is set in a small village near the Sázava river - Makolusky. One stream flows at the bottom of the slope on the south of the site. The second one starts with a powerful spring at the top and winds down just next to the house. The moisture infiltrates the whole site, forming a light mist above the meadow under a hot summer sun. And above it hovers the dark mass of the house, lined with a wooden terrace.

The entrance to the house is from the north, through a façade which is in fact a continuation of an asphalt roof. The ground floor is divided into two parts, a support one and a living one, which is dominated by a generous living area with a kitchen. A walk through the house can have different variations thanks to the amount of doors, especially during summer as the house is surrounded by a terrace. A second floor is placed perpendicularly on the mass of the ground floor and serves as a study benefiting from the north light as well as a chill area with a view to the south, to the forest and the sky. It is a place where one can hide but still know what’s going on in the rest of the house, thanks to its visual connection with the ground floor.

The south façade is completely glazed, allowing enough daylight into the house. The direct sun beams are shaded by a bold roof overhang which simultaneously protects most of the terrace from rain. Just the expanded central part of the terrace, rising above the slope as a wharf, is intended more for sunbathing rather than watching the rain drops.  

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