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Theatre Pod Palmovkou

Prague / 2016

Palmovka survived! Palmovka pulses…

After a big flooding in 2002, the theatre was affected by a second flooding in 2012. Even though the small Rokytka river did not cause as much damage as Vltava ten years earlier, the theatre had to be renovated all over again. The restoration of the technologies situated in the basement took more than two years. However, Palmovka has lived through all this and decided to refurbish the entrance spaces of the theatre including a box office, a café and a new façade.

The building has a long theatre tradition. Hence, the new façade refers to the times before the year 1992 and is unified with the appearance of the upper storeys, forming a unite piece – the theatre building. The entrance floor has now a very clear and distinct look. It is defined by a light façade, clear windows of the café, an open entrance portal with a staircase, and a metal sunshade. These black and white elements are balanced by an undulating plaster profile, geometric patterns of an entrance door grill and a natural structure of a travertine plinth. The same colour scheme is used in the interior of the café and the box-office.

The clear form is apparent even in the graphics, dramaturgy, and mostly in the overall expression of the theatre……… PP!

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