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Prague / 2015

The Chillin interior is a representative space of a Thai massage parlour. It evokes a slightly Asian, exotic atmosphere with an emphasis on the European approach.

The key element of the design proposal is the contrast between original rough brick and limestone walls, and the use of wood, textiles and lighting. The contrast is achieved by using timber frame screens with translucent panels (a light fabric with graphics), dispersing soft ambient light throughout the space. A timber plank floor creates a natural base for barefoot walking.


The entrance staircase is lined with a mosaic of frame showcases. The reception is equipped with a counter, armchairs and storage furniture for coats and shoes. The next area is a ‘hall’ with seating and a small bar which offers refreshments. The massage part of the parlour lies in the vault fields. This part can be divided or combined into different units by moving curtains in wooden frames, according to the specific requirements for intimacy. This variable principle makes it possible to provide services for up to six customers at four massage chairs and two beds. 

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