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Guest apartment

Prague / 2015

The owner of a spacious apartment in Prague, Vokovice decided to complement it with a smaller one on the same floor. This one, originally a studio flat, was transferred into an apartment for guests, who visit the owner’s young international family from abroad and hence for longer periods of time.

The apartment is meant to accommodate both family members and friends. It is fitted with all needed facilities, enabling the guests to stay in touch with the owner’s family without feeling like a nuisance. Moreover, a separate kitchen with a bar/dining table gives them the opportunity to prepare favourite meals from their home cuisine and become the hosts for a while.

Spatially, the apartment is relatively modest. The generosity was supplied by the owner who wasn’t afraid to invest in a complete replacement of all standard components. Thanks to him, the refurbishment could be done thoroughly. The interventions include changing bathroom disposition and all doors, including frames. The old and damaged floors were replaced by a uniform polyurethane floor. The apartment was cleaned out and the old sector kitchen replaced by newly designed custom furniture, complemented with high-quality chairs. The accent was put on the optical division between the kitchen and the bedroom. Compared to the former studio disposition, the new space is defined by multiple zones. A large bed does not serve only for sleeping – it also provides seating and a linen storage. There is a library mounted on the wall and a small working space, as well as a round mirror for evening ‘going-out’ preparations.

An entrance hall, which is connected to a bathroom and a storage room, is fitted with a cabinet. There’s a reserved space for the owner’s beloved bike in the middle of it. When there are no guests around, he starts his cycling trips from here. Obviously, there are spare bikes in the storage room – in case the guests suddenly feel the urge to go cycling when passing through the hall.

Moreover, the bathroom contains a shower instead of a former tub, which suits sporty guests much better. So here’s to cycling and getting safely back!

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