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Synagogue coworking

Hradec Králové  / 2017

The synagogue is a building with a remarkable history, with layers of various adaptations accumulated during the times. Now there is an opportunity to create an original place with a new purpose – adding another layer while respecting the previous forms of the building.

First of all, we are relieving the space of excess volumes and partitions and giving back what was harshly taken from it – particularly light and the feeling of an open and impressive space. The windows are given the original dimensions and floors of the inserted storeys are cut by the sides. Hence, the whole interior gets much brighter and airier. The load-bearing steel construction is revealed and coated with metallic colour. Furthermore, simple and clear volumes in distinctive colours are set into the space, reflecting the contemporary approach.

There is a café in the ground floor, with a long marble bar counter and a generous round staircase directly facing the entrance. The next two storeys are filled mostly with variable furniture to make any desired changes of disposition easy. The big multi-purpose hall in the second floor can be divided in half to host independent workshops or lectures; the co-working floor above it consists of an open working environment and a separate office and meeting room. Thanks to the light wells along the walls, there is a clear feeling of connection to the rest of the space in both of these floors. Only the fourth floor is fully separated from the others. It comprises of private offices with wooden floor, a round meeting room and enough of relax zones.

Hence, the building still serves as a place of gatherings even after the years, but their nature is altered in the context of changes in society and life style of the synagogue visitors. 

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